Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics Research Group
Sargis Gavalajyan

MSc Student Sargis Gavalajyan



Sargis is a researcher at the Institute of Chemical Physics after A.B. Nalbandyan and a master's student at the Department of General Physics and Quantum Nanostructures at the Russian-Armenian University. He studies the optical and magnetic properties of different quantum dots with complex geometry.


  • Semiconductor quantum dots
  • Quantum information
  • Quantum Optics


  • BSc in Nanoelectronics and Electronics, 2022, Russian-Armenian University

Selected Publications

Optical Properties of Conical Quantum Dot: Exciton-Related Raman Scattering, Interband Absorption and Photoluminescence

by Sargis P. Gavalajyan, Grigor A. Mantashian, Gor Ts. Kharatyan, Hayk A. Sarkisyan, Paytsar A. Mantashyan, Sotirios Baskoutas, David B. Hayrapetyan